AfriAsia & Beyond is a specialist representation company founded in 1997, focusing on a portfolio in Africa and Asia

In the ever-changing environment of the travel industry, more companies find that in order to establish a UK market, effective local representation is essential.
AfriAsia and Beyond is a specialist representation company founded by Sally Sanders in 1997. Over the years the company has expanded and has been joined by Hugh Sanders and Chi-Ying Choong, both with a broad range of professional backgrounds within the travel industry. This combined experience allows AfriAsia to deliver an extensive range of services from the facilitation of contracts to regular training and monitoring brand representation.
With the passionate belief that each company is unique, AfriAsia tailors their marketing strategy to suit the individual needs and budgets of the clients within the portfolio. As can be seen by the impressive list of those represented, the portfolio consists of many exclusive, privately owned companies and resorts; each with their own specific goals and requirements yet all with unique strengths that have earned many of them prestigious awards.
With a focus on both Africa and Asia, the team provides a highly effective sales and marketing base in the UK and Ireland. It is their strong relationship with travel companies within this region that ensures that AfriAsia truly understands what is required in the marketplace and, with their expertise, how to position your product.