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From celebrating fresh, local produce to showcasing the unique culinary experiences at each property that offer a taste of the region, YTL Hotels hopes you will join them on a culinary adventure with the latest issue of its newsletter, Perennial Feast. 

Natural Wonders

From coral reef restoration and turtle rehabilitation to nurturing mangrove nurseries and protecting turtle nests from poachers and predators before they are released back into the sea. 

YTL Hotels offers a range of experiences with the wonders of our natural world. With this in mind, we’d like to share the latest volume of YTL Hotels’ newsletter, Natural Wonders.

YTL Life - Issue #50

Happy 2023! Turtle Hatchlings at Tanjong Jara Resort

Happy 2023!
Turtles Hatchlings at Tanjong Jara Resort on the East Coast of Peninsular Malaysia
As we welcome 2023 and bid farewell to 2022, the Lang Tengah Turtle Watchteam is delighted to share the following final figures for 2022, the most turtle nests saved at Tanjong Jara Resort to date!

Nests:  293

Eggs Saved:  21,500

Hatchlings Released:
Endangered Green Turtles 16,369
Critically Endangered Painted Terrapins 1,072

Discover more about sea turtles, their biology, ecology and conservation at the seasonal palm wood Visitors' Hut at Tanjong Jara Resort. 

Here's a taster of the turtle programme run by Lang Tengah Turtle Watch from March to October at Tanjong Jara Resort.
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